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Through strategic partnerships, Digitel Softcom developed bundled IT solutions that are built, designed and deployed for small business and midmarket companies, in diverse industries, who look to break new ground by leveraging cross-channel technologies.

Technology is the driving-force behind innovation at all levels of operations, and SMBs know they cannot go at it alone. As a leading managed service provider in Dubai, we provide transformational initiatives in the digital age to small and midmarket organizations as we offer a full spectrum of IT solutions.

POS Solutions

A perfect functional POS Solution service offered by us


At DIGITEL SOFTCOM PVT LTD, we provide the best of Business POS SOLUTIONS for organizations and corporations, both small & medium scale to very large scale companies.

A perfect functional POS Solution service offered by us for your corporation means you value your clients and want to go the extra mile to serve them efficiently and for their ultimate convenience.

DIGITEL SOFTCOM PVT LTD POS Solution in India utilizes state of the art processors, memory and secure software and whatever your business demands in that regards, you will have a standby POS solution that will handle it.

We offer the most up to date POS Solutions and this will help your business acclimatize and succeed in this high paced modern & competitive world.

Entrust us with your POS Solutions just as over a thousand satisfied clients in India and other states have counted on us to successfully install our innovative brands and models in their various business ground.

DIGITEL SOFTCOM PVT LTD is an industry leader in the POS Solutions service arena and we take pride in our products and continually integrate the latest and best of technologies that will help advance your businesses.

And we consider client’s budget in getting the best POS Solutions available, thus we provide novelty to our clients at a price that can’t be beaten elsewhere.

And people rely on our POS Solutions because we have proven track record for offering only the best and we have several years of experience doing this.

When success is contingent on grander service, you need the best of flexible POS Solutions for handling every aspect of your business, and ours provides you the absolute control you need to increase speed, efficiency and output.


Enterprise Resource Planning


DIGITEL SOFTCOM PVT LTD offers the best Enterprise Resource Planning ERP services in India, and with having managed several hundreds of ERP programs locally and globally, we provide essential tools and processes to maximize the returns on dire business enterprise investments.

We do this by evaluating the health and development of your existing business scope, budget, and risk position and implement a winning ERP to get you succeeding and prospering in the short and long run.

With our cutting edge ERP service provision, every decision taken and implemented for your business guarantees you huge success and helps eliminate associated unnecessary bureaucracy in your firm.

And with the right ERP in place for your business, you will achieve an all-encompassing view of your entire business, covering areas such as marketing, sales, orders, tracking and shipping, accounting and production amongst several others.

Our ERP India service offers our clients the vital tools and technologies to help systematize workflow and authorize smart decision making.

Our ERP will help to simplify your business Procurement & Demand Planning stages, maintain inventory levels, handle Financial Management, check Workflow Controls, and help determine your business performance metrics anywhere in the world.

Contact us today to help your business grow beyond limits – with our ERP Solutions in India!


Customer Relationship Management


At DIGITEL SOFTCOM PVT LTD, we provide the best CRM services in India to help business owners augment their sales, reliability and workflow.

Our CRM options provide you the right tool-set that fits your business and we will help you grow by offering you more cutting-edge feature options.

Our dynamic CRM Solutions in India will help to empower your company’s employees and sales people by making data easily reachable whenever the organization and its workforce need it.

Because we are the ultimate best in CRM services in India, clients rely on us for professional consulting. And we also deliver efficient training and support services for all CRM solutions and departments of various corporations.

Our CRM service provides detailed info of customer details, which helps to build your establishment’s working capabilities and improves your organizations business administration capabilities. Our

CRM system and methodology allows for quicker business implementation & execution, high performance, and efficient upkeep.

With our CRM service and solutions in India, we will help to build up your business personal relationship with your clients and with contact handling; and we will optimize client related sales management responsibilities so as to enhance your company’s customer service team.

Our CRM Management India is all the answer to all of your company’s client management and customer service matters.

And we will also provide you professional recommendation on the best CRM software and I.T platforms that can be applied to your Company’s essential needs and peculiar situation.

We are indeed the number one CRM Management India firm for winning CRM solutions. Contact us now as we are more than happy to help cater for your Customer relationship management needs both locally and globally.

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